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Our grooming consists of a bath, blow-dry, brush, nail cut, ears clean, and more. Pricing is up to the discretion of the groomer depending on the breed, size, and condition of the dog or cat. Our main goal is to provide the best care for your pet's overall health and comfort. Call today to schedule your grooming appointment. 

Dog Grooming Tools
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Fur Baby in North East Fort Worth, TX has the experience to provide your pet with an exceptional boarding experience. We know it is hard to leave your fur baby home while you go away, our staff will put you at ease. With trained veterinarian technicians on our staff, you know your pet will be well-taken care off in the case of an emergency. We treat your pet as our own. They will receive lots of love, treats, and outside time. Our staff truly loves animals and cannot wait to spend some time with your pet. When you’re in need of a pet sitter, take your fur baby to us! 

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